A Very Pinteresting Bridal Shower

When my friend Taylor approached me about planning a bridal shower for our friend Shannon, I immediately thought – Let’s start pinning some ideas!  Taylor was thinking along the lines of a kitchen themed shower.  Seemed perfect for Shannon who would invite just about anyone over for a home cooked meal. But alas, Shannon is getting married in Colorado (her home town) where her family is throwing her a….Kitchen themed shower. Back to the drawing board. Taylor suggested something DIY, as Shannon is the penultimate DIY girl.  As we were brainstorming, I realized -Shannon is the one I blame for my Pinterest addiction. She is the one who got me hooked to begin with. Shannon may love Pinterest, almost as much as her fiance. LET’S DO A PINTEREST THEMED SHOWER! Taylor was in.  It was on, and we both started pinning away.

I had volunteered to do the Invitations so after spending a lot of time looking at pictures of Shannon and her fiance- this is what happened.

Easily Entertained - Pinterest Shower Invitations

Invitation Front

Easily Entertained - Pinterest Shower Invitations

Invitation Back

For the RSVPs – I wanted to do a mad lib.  I suppose I could have written them myself – but I decided to draw the line somewhere. I found these on lovely templates on at Something Turquoise.

Easily Entertained - DIY wedding mad libs free printables

I used all three, so we wouldn’t have to read 15 of the same madlib and copied the blanks for the RSVP Cards

Easily Entertained - Pinterest Shower Invitations

Front of RSVP

Easily Entertained - Pinterest Shower Invitations

Back of RSVP


3 thoughts on “A Very Pinteresting Bridal Shower

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  2. I am planning to do a DIY/Pinterest-themed bridal shower for my sister. Glad to see we aren’t the only ones so addicted to Pinterest to want to do an entire party based on it 🙂 Any suggestions on wording the invitations so that people know to bring something that they “DIY”? Thank you for any recommendations!

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