Piñata Possessed

I blame Cinco De Mayo – but I smell piñata in the air. I can’t stop pinning them, and I MUST have one for the upcoming bridal shower! Who doesn’t want to whack the sh*t out of something, and get goodies in return? Stupid question. I know.

A piñata (Spanish pronunciation: [piˈɲata]) is a container often made of papier-mâché, pottery, or cloth; it is decorated, and filled with small toys or candy, or both, and then broken as part of a ceremony or celebration.  So in my

piñata perusing I have come across some pretty MAJ stuff, that I will do the honor of sharing with you.

Easily Entertained - Pinata

Some kind of wonderful piñata factory? IDK but love this from Milkandhny.blogspot.com

I mean COME ON Easily Entertained - Pinata DIY Gilded Paper Flower Pinata at StudioDIY. StudioDIY give a supply list and instructions to create this gilded creature. Not from scratch – you have to buy a plain donkey piñata at the party store. But let’s be real people.
She also has some other lovely P’s like these Easily Entertained - Pinata Heart-Pinatas3.jpg with instructions from scratch!

Piñatas are most commonly associated with Mexico, but their origins are considered to be in China. I had no idea!  The concept of breaking open a container filled with candies came to Europe in the 14th century. That is where the name, from the Italian pignatta, was first used.

And one more I couldn’t resist posting.Easily Entertained - Pinata

The Spanish brought the European tradition to Mexico, although there were similar traditions in Mesoamerica. Supposedly, the Aztecs had a similar tradition to honor the birthday of the god Huitzilopochtli.

Personal piñatas?

Easily Entertained - Pinata Oh Happy Day has instructions for making these absolutely adorbs ice cream cones.

I found a wide variety of ready-made piñatas on Etsy as well, including dirty ones ;)…you will have to look for yourself. Party City also has a nice selection, and they are reasonably priced.

One of the more bizarre items I found was this bridal shower game called “The Panty Pinata“. For your enjoyment please watch the video below.

Piñatas aren’t just for Papier-mâché, I was tickled rainbow by these cute ideas.

Easily Entertained - Pinata Lime & macadamia pinata cake@ Claire K Creations Easily Entertained - Pinata DIY Pinata Cookies Recipe @ HandmadeCharlotte

I order you all to make these cookies for Cinco De Mayo.  I mean, it’s not even an option.

Next weekend Taylor and I are getting together to start crafting for the bridal shower. I think we are going to attempt a piñata then. We were thinking maybe a diamond ring one full of ring pops? But who needs the cals? Panties are fat-free. Hmmm we are still tbd. Stay tuned.


Easily Entertained - Pinata- cats

& Just found this- very informative from Carmichael Collective

Easily Entertained - Pinata anatomy


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