Just Peachy Dahlin’

So – driven to distraction  I am Pinning up a storm for Bestie’s “Goodbye Atlanta” party. Obviously the first consideration needs to be venue – I believe we could easily have 60 people, so while I have been offered a house already, I think a park would be perfection. I tried looking into renting a pavilion in a public park of some sort, but I hate logistics. Ugh. Lucky me – a friend offered to help and I happily delegated her this task. hehe.

So next, I considered themes- Gone With The Wind? Bestie loves Gone With The Wind (apparently all Southern girls do) & its a sort of play on words ;)Another option – is Atlanta Skyline. Bestie loves the skyline.  She hasn’t been spoiled looking at Manhattan’s everyday the way I was. And when your from ArkanSASS, I think 2 buildings qualify as city skyline.

If we did skyline , we could use Atlanta Iconography. Like Coke this, Delta that and Peach everything. I decided the Atlanta Skyline would prove a more cohesive theme and that it would be easier to build on.

Some ideas for the menu:

Easily Entertained - Peachy Recipes - Peach Limeade

Easy Peach Limeade from Big Girls Small Kitchen sounds like a great place to start – and in a mason jar – perfection.

Easy Peach Limeade
Makes 3 1/2 cups; serves 4

To make sure that you don’t lose any of the precious peach juice, my instructions say to smush the peaches right into the limeade. Make sure your hands are clean!

1/2 cup plus 1 tablespoon sugar
3/4 cup freshly squeezed lime juice (from 8 limes)
2 3/4 cups water
2 ripe peaches, pitted and quartered

In a pitcher or a quart-sized jar, combine the sugar, lime, and water. Stir very well to dissolve the sugar. Add the peaches.

Now reach your (clean) hand into the pitcher and grab hold of a peach quarter. Smush it til it’s pulpy–really, right in the pitcher! Wild, I know. Repeat with the rest of the peach quarters. Shake off your hand and cover the pitcher or jar.

Place the pitcher in the fridge and leave for at least 3 hours and up to 12. Your limeade will grow peachier the longer you let it sit.

Strain the limeade through a fine mesh strainer, pressing on the solids to extract all the peach flavor.

Serve in small glasses, over ice.

OK. Sweet Tea is a MUST. I think I’ll try this one from Fabulous Finds by Tiffany. 

1 Gallon of Southern Sweet Tea

  • 5 family size tea bagsEasily Entertained - Recipes - Southern Sweet Tea
  • 1 1/4 cups sugar
  • filtered water


  • {Step 1} Fill a sauce pan or small pot about 3/4 of the way full with water and put on stove, high heat.
  • {Step 2} Right before the water boils turns the heat off and put in tea bags.
  • {Step 3} While the tea is steeping pour sugar into tea pitcher. Fill pitcher about 1/2 full with hot water and mix. It’s very important to dissolve the sugar using the hot/warm water. If you fail to do this the sugar will not dissolve, instead you’ll see the sugar floating in your tea and it will end up at the bottom of you glass.
  • {Step 4} Let the tea steep for about 10-15 minutes, pour tea into pitcher and fill the rest of the way with water or ice cubes.

That’s it! Very easy. Remember not to add tea to boiling water, this could cause the tea to taste bitter.

And of course there will be Easily Entertained  warhal coke

Well that’s a start on beverages. The NYer over here will be sipping my calorie free La Croix – but who’s judging.

Would love to incorporate some Warhol in the decor too, loving this piece.


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