The Crafty Can Can

As part of the Pinterest Themed Shower decorations I wanted to make use of the (very) may coffee cans I have lying around.

I drink Cafe Bustelo.

I often end up buying the can, and then for some (crafty) reason, throwing the empties in a cupboard. So when I was wandering around Pinterest looking for some DIY decoration ideas I cam across this this pin

Easily Entertained - burlap coffee can vase diyfrom Scarlet’s Table,  featuring a coffee can covered with printed burlap and used as a vase. Lovely.

I decided to try my hand at this. I tried stamping the burlap I bought at Michael s for $6.99 a roll, but to be honest it wasn’t working out too well, so decided to skip the print and just do a simple burlap. So I glue gunned the wrap to the can. Getting the top to look right was a little difficult as the edging couldn’t   lay even on the circular surface, but once filled it should look fine.  I thought it looked a little naked, so I added a bow from my ribbon collection and voila. I put some candles in them (although I would prefer flowers, just don’t have any on hand).

I since decided to keep them for myself – I have an even more pinteresting idea for the shower cans.

Inspired by this image,

colored coffee can vases diy

I envisioned that red can with a white P

on them.

What happened was – I thought I had red acrylic paint for this, but alas, I only had white, blue and yellow. My next idea was to spray paint, but I didn’t have red spray paint either. Since I am trying to pull this thing off on a budget, I decided against going to buy either of these items and decided to try and utilize my large supply of glitter glue, left over from a long ago Christmas card project.  It took many coats. I would suggest going for the spray paint, especially if you are going to do the glitter version, but I was determined.  5 coats later, I was satisfied with opacity.  I then decided to glue gun the P symbols free hand so they would pop once painted.  I then painted the P’s white with acrylic paint. I have to admit,  I wasn’t thrilled with the way this looked.  My next idea was to use a padded envelope and cut out some Ps and paste them over my sad little glue gun Ps.  This worked much better.  My only regret was using a black pen to trace, since it took several coats of white paint to cover up the bleed through. However, I think these will work well on the table at the party. Yay for coffee!

Final Product:

Easily Entertained - Pinterest Coffee Can Decor DIY


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