We Are All Mad Here – Mad Libs & Place Settings

Easily Entertained - MadLib Placemats
“Oh, you can’t help that,’ said the cat. ‘We’re all mad here.”
Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland
So back to the Pinterest Shower invitations and their RSVPs.  My idea was to send out these RSVP cars where the attendees (and non-attendees) had to fill out a mad lib card on the back and send it back.  I used 4 different madlib recipes so that it wouldn’t get to monotonous.  I wasn’t totally sure what I wanted to do with the mad libs yet, but I knew I wanted to use them at the party.
Easily Entertained - Shannon shower rsvp front blog-01Easily Entertained - Shannon shower rsvp back
Here is one of the examples I one I got back:
Easily Entertained RSVP Pinterest MadLib
I started thinking it would be cool to incorporate into a place mat, so that everyone could grab a place mat and read their mad libs while they ate. I shared the idea with Taylor, and she said it would also work for a crafting place mat. I think that idea is even better.
Kitchen Paper Placemats - Kraft PaperI was inspired by these place mats from West Elm.    I thought I could type of the mad lib stories and print them out on craft paper and use those as place mats.  This became frustrating, the craft paper is difficult to print with – it is soft and flimsy.  Also my printer doesn’t print the right size for a place mat. I thought about getting some inexpensive plain cloth place mats and doing an iron on.  But before I went back to the store, I decided to look in my craft supply. And glad I did. It’s amazing the things I have that I forget about (yikes).  So I found this fun paper. Not the size and shape I had imagined, but large enough to make a place mat.
I typed up the different mad lib stories, using different fonts for different stories and also to distinguish the fill in words. One of the versions I gave a chalkboard effect.
I printed them on card stock, and used spray adhesive to attach them to the square sheets of decorative paper.
Easily Entertained - MadLib Placemats

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