Mad Lib Napkins!

So I wasn’t entirely thrilled with the way the madlib place mats turned out. I tried covering them in clear contact paper so we could keep them clean, and they just looked sad.

I was looking through my supplies, seeking something I could coat them with, when I found these Avery Fabric Transfers.

I had totally forgotten about these.  So I went to the local $1 store, in search of fabric place mats I could iron these onto. No luck. Then I tried Target. The place mats there were too rich for my thrifty blood, going for $2.99 per mat.  But I did come across a package of plain white cloth napkins with 12 for $9.99. That’s less than $1 per napkin. Doable. I figured these would be fun to use for the party, then Shannon could take them home and keep them.

Easily Entertained - Iron on Napkins

009 V. 1&2

So I printed out the designs on the paper transfers.

Easily Entertained - Iron on Napkins

Followed the directions, ironed, and Voila! I was pretty happy with the results. Not perfect, but acceptable.  My one suggestion, that I figured out on the 5th napkin, is to cut the transfer down a bit so that the sheer sheet that goes over it covers the edges completely. This keeps the edges of the design from getting messed up (see image 1 & 2).

Easily Entertained - Iron on Napkins

Total Cost for 10 napkins – $9.99 for napkins + $20.13 (2 packs of transfers) = $30.12


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