Another $1 Store Haul

EEasily Entertained - $1 store Haul

Game Prizes!

In preparation for the big Pinterest Party this weekend, I hit the $1 store to load up on last minute supplies.  First of all, we have some games happening. What’s the point of winning if you don’t get a prize? None. Exactly. So I decided to pick up some strange and funky prizes for $1 a piece.  I bought 6 items, so have some extras jut in case. These include – a cute pair of socks, 2 baby sock coin purses (weird I know), pop its (who doesn’t love pop-its?), mini water guns (4 in the pack!), and an odd little magic towel.

Easily Entertained - $1 store Haul

Props for the Photo Booth

Candy for the Pinata

Lastly, we are doing a photo booth. Or trying it out.  We were talking about props the other night, then I found these funny items (above).  Our CFO is inspecting them.  I think they are fun and unexpected : $ sign glasses, pink antenna headband, tiara, two hats, glow bracelets and a fake shell bra for $7

Easily Entertained - $1 store Haul

Next we needed more candy for the Pinata, since we only had like 4 ring pops.  So I spent $4 on some red and white candies, more ring pops, and some chocolate for good measure.

Total Spent$17 (plus tax) not bad!


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