Piñatas & Etc *Pinteresting Bridal Shower Post IV*

Am I milking the shower for posts? Perhaps but this is the last one.

So right as we began serving food, we played some games while people ate, to break the ice a bit. 006

Taylor and I took turns with the clipboard. 009  We played two games like this.  One was a ‘Newlywed’ type game, where we asked Brian (the fiance) questions in advance, and then asked Shannon the questions to see how well she could guess what Brian would answer. The second was a “How Well Do You Know The Bride” where we asked the group questions about Shannon and went around the room. Both were fun, and a good start to the party.

Remember all those hours I spent with Taylor making our Piñata? Well ….tada….


About a week before the party, Taylor and I decided to do a “Panty Drop”.  We asked all the girls to bring a pair of undies for Shannon (new obvi), and put it in our basket anonymously. Shannon had to guess who gave her what. This was fun, and she got some cute stuff – here was one of the wholesome ones….Easily Entertained

We also played a naughty game that Paige brought. It was not DIY, but it did involve pinning!

Oh, so Shannon won a mini water gun in one of the games, as did I. Towards the end – a fight broke out —- no one was injured, thankfully!


To see the board I made for this party…follow me on Pinterest!


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