Booker T Bookerton

Booker T Bookerton – That’s what B calls me.  Due to my constant desire to plan and book things. Well, Booker T Bookerton is back from vacation in RI (lovely) and in full swing. We have the Goodbye Atlanta party in less than 2 weeks, and now….I have a WEDDING to plan! Yes, we got engaged on vacation. Yay.

First things first:

Some ideas for the Goodbye Atlanta party:

I want to do an Altanta Skyline Bunting – That people can sign and we can also use to decorate. Something sturdy enough that they can keep it. These are cool – made using tags- but not sure they would be big enough to stand up in a backyard. From Tatertots & Jello.

Bunting for Valentine's DayI also really like this burlap. I see building silhouettes painted or cut out and pasted on….hmmmm.Cute burlap Valentine banner, would be nice with gingham hearts too!

Also thinking lots of string lights!

The Reception But smaller & not as fancy….

More decor ideas to come…

and stay tuned for wedding planning deets.


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