Another $1 Store Haul!


Love that Dollar Tree!

1) So I got plenty of plates & hot cups in Red, White & Blue – which are clearly the color theme for the party.  The honorary couple’s wedding anniversary is on July 4th.

Will use the two red plastic tubs for ice and drinks, and the other two for chips and dip.

Marshmallows are for smores!


2) Found these red, white & blue glow necklaces for some flare.

We got the markers so we could write all over their car

…hehehe and the towelettes are just prizes for the trivia game.


3) The Photo-booth was really fun at the last party so I want to do it again and got some more props,

Cash, knives, badges, school signs, card glasses – just random


4) The picture frame is a gag gift. We are going to write in sharpie on it- here are your new friends…

The road signs will be used for table decor I think.

Not sure what I’m going to do with the atlas yet, but I am going to make something out of the maps.


All that for under $35.




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