Another $1 Store Haul!


Love that Dollar Tree!

1) So I got plenty of plates & hot cups in Red, White & Blue – which are clearly the color theme for the party.  The honorary couple’s wedding anniversary is on July 4th.

Will use the two red plastic tubs for ice and drinks, and the other two for chips and dip.

Marshmallows are for smores!


2) Found these red, white & blue glow necklaces for some flare.

We got the markers so we could write all over their car

…hehehe and the towelettes are just prizes for the trivia game.


3) The Photo-booth was really fun at the last party so I want to do it again and got some more props,

Cash, knives, badges, school signs, card glasses – just random


4) The picture frame is a gag gift. We are going to write in sharpie on it- here are your new friends…

The road signs will be used for table decor I think.

Not sure what I’m going to do with the atlas yet, but I am going to make something out of the maps.


All that for under $35.




Booker T Bookerton

Booker T Bookerton – That’s what B calls me.  Due to my constant desire to plan and book things. Well, Booker T Bookerton is back from vacation in RI (lovely) and in full swing. We have the Goodbye Atlanta party in less than 2 weeks, and now….I have a WEDDING to plan! Yes, we got engaged on vacation. Yay.

First things first:

Some ideas for the Goodbye Atlanta party:

I want to do an Altanta Skyline Bunting – That people can sign and we can also use to decorate. Something sturdy enough that they can keep it. These are cool – made using tags- but not sure they would be big enough to stand up in a backyard. From Tatertots & Jello.

Bunting for Valentine's DayI also really like this burlap. I see building silhouettes painted or cut out and pasted on….hmmmm.Cute burlap Valentine banner, would be nice with gingham hearts too!

Also thinking lots of string lights!

The Reception But smaller & not as fancy….

More decor ideas to come…

and stay tuned for wedding planning deets.

Goodbye Atlanta Party

So here is the invitation I sent out for the Goodbye Atlanta Party.

I used  the free puzzle maker at Discovery to make the crossword.

Instead of using, I used I’m not overly impressed by evite so I did some research. I found this article incredibly informative 10 Evite alternatives: The good and the bad

I really love an envelope, and I liked that I could work with my own images – also love the ease of the RSVP dashboard. I’m a fan.



Piñatas & Etc *Pinteresting Bridal Shower Post IV*

Am I milking the shower for posts? Perhaps but this is the last one.

So right as we began serving food, we played some games while people ate, to break the ice a bit. 006

Taylor and I took turns with the clipboard. 009  We played two games like this.  One was a ‘Newlywed’ type game, where we asked Brian (the fiance) questions in advance, and then asked Shannon the questions to see how well she could guess what Brian would answer. The second was a “How Well Do You Know The Bride” where we asked the group questions about Shannon and went around the room. Both were fun, and a good start to the party.

Remember all those hours I spent with Taylor making our Piñata? Well ….tada….


About a week before the party, Taylor and I decided to do a “Panty Drop”.  We asked all the girls to bring a pair of undies for Shannon (new obvi), and put it in our basket anonymously. Shannon had to guess who gave her what. This was fun, and she got some cute stuff – here was one of the wholesome ones….Easily Entertained

We also played a naughty game that Paige brought. It was not DIY, but it did involve pinning!

Oh, so Shannon won a mini water gun in one of the games, as did I. Towards the end – a fight broke out —- no one was injured, thankfully!


To see the board I made for this party…follow me on Pinterest!

DIY Photo booth *pinteresting bridal shower post III*

Easily Entertained DIY Photo Booth

DIY Photo Booth with Props

A white sheet thumb tacked to the wall, a stool with a camera (for the photographer, a tripod would be extra cool), a lamp near by for light, and some dollar store goodies for dressing up!

Easily Entertained - $1 store Haul

I used my Canon sureshot digital camera for these pics.  When I got home, I uploaded them and gray-scaled them (or you could just change to black and white) to give them a photo booth effect. Plus, I think b&w are always more flattering.   Then I cropped out all the extra crap in the shot, like the walls and any awkward angles and re-sized them to fit in my”photo booth strip”.  I but a black background behind them, an did a little grouping and cropping, and voila!

Crafts! Crafts! Crafts! *Pinteresting Bridal Shower Part II*

Katie’s Craft: Mini Zen Gardens!

She supplied the little boxes, a bag of sand, some plastic plants, a small rake, and some small stones.  We went from there. I must say, raking my garden is very soothing.

Char’s Craft: Headbands!

I actually didn’t get to participate in this craft- I was running around doing something? Anyways, they looked super cute!

Meredith’s Craft: Tie-Dye!

This was really fun. I can’t wait to see how my shorts turned out. Meredith brought a Tie-Dye kit that had plastic to dye on, dyes, and gloves (which most of us forgot to use).  She picked up an assortment of white clothing items which made it more fun than just t-shirts. There were tanks, shorts, t-shirts, bandeaus, even a bikini!


Alison’s Craft: Tank Top Bleaching!

Easily Entertained - bleach tanksThis activity was simple and fun. Allison brought a bunch of cute and colorful tank tops and some bleach pens. We had to put wax paper and cardboard inside the shirts while we were bleaching.  We made our designs, let it sit for 10 mins, then washed with soap and water.  Most of them came out adorable, for some reason mine didn’t show at all! So weird.

More on this party to come…

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