DIY Photo booth *pinteresting bridal shower post III*

Easily Entertained DIY Photo Booth

DIY Photo Booth with Props

A white sheet thumb tacked to the wall, a stool with a camera (for the photographer, a tripod would be extra cool), a lamp near by for light, and some dollar store goodies for dressing up!

Easily Entertained - $1 store Haul

I used my Canon sureshot digital camera for these pics.  When I got home, I uploaded them and gray-scaled them (or you could just change to black and white) to give them a photo booth effect. Plus, I think b&w are always more flattering.   Then I cropped out all the extra crap in the shot, like the walls and any awkward angles and re-sized them to fit in my”photo booth strip”.  I but a black background behind them, an did a little grouping and cropping, and voila!


Crafts! Crafts! Crafts! *Pinteresting Bridal Shower Part II*

Katie’s Craft: Mini Zen Gardens!

She supplied the little boxes, a bag of sand, some plastic plants, a small rake, and some small stones.  We went from there. I must say, raking my garden is very soothing.

Char’s Craft: Headbands!

I actually didn’t get to participate in this craft- I was running around doing something? Anyways, they looked super cute!

Meredith’s Craft: Tie-Dye!

This was really fun. I can’t wait to see how my shorts turned out. Meredith brought a Tie-Dye kit that had plastic to dye on, dyes, and gloves (which most of us forgot to use).  She picked up an assortment of white clothing items which made it more fun than just t-shirts. There were tanks, shorts, t-shirts, bandeaus, even a bikini!


Alison’s Craft: Tank Top Bleaching!

Easily Entertained - bleach tanksThis activity was simple and fun. Allison brought a bunch of cute and colorful tank tops and some bleach pens. We had to put wax paper and cardboard inside the shirts while we were bleaching.  We made our designs, let it sit for 10 mins, then washed with soap and water.  Most of them came out adorable, for some reason mine didn’t show at all! So weird.

More on this party to come…