Party Prep *Pinteresting Bridal Shower Post I*

So it finally happened. The Pinterest Shower! Last Saturday Taylor and I prepped dawn to dusk (more like 11-7) to get ready for what we hoped would be the best shower yet.

I am still collecting photos from some of our guests. I was  unfortunately too busy to get all the pics I would have liked to, but here is a taste.

Menu: Caprese Salad Pops, Veggie Quinoa with Feta, Mixed Green Salad with Goat cheese, Turkey Burger Sliders, Veggie Burger Sliders

Dessert: Cake Pops, Fruit Skewers, Snicker Doodle Cookies, Kristen’s Yummy Cookies, and Ice Cream (which we never made)


Another $1 Store Haul

EEasily Entertained - $1 store Haul

Game Prizes!

In preparation for the big Pinterest Party this weekend, I hit the $1 store to load up on last minute supplies.  First of all, we have some games happening. What’s the point of winning if you don’t get a prize? None. Exactly. So I decided to pick up some strange and funky prizes for $1 a piece.  I bought 6 items, so have some extras jut in case. These include – a cute pair of socks, 2 baby sock coin purses (weird I know), pop its (who doesn’t love pop-its?), mini water guns (4 in the pack!), and an odd little magic towel.

Easily Entertained - $1 store Haul

Props for the Photo Booth

Candy for the Pinata

Lastly, we are doing a photo booth. Or trying it out.  We were talking about props the other night, then I found these funny items (above).  Our CFO is inspecting them.  I think they are fun and unexpected : $ sign glasses, pink antenna headband, tiara, two hats, glow bracelets and a fake shell bra for $7

Easily Entertained - $1 store Haul

Next we needed more candy for the Pinata, since we only had like 4 ring pops.  So I spent $4 on some red and white candies, more ring pops, and some chocolate for good measure.

Total Spent$17 (plus tax) not bad!

Mad Lib Napkins!

So I wasn’t entirely thrilled with the way the madlib place mats turned out. I tried covering them in clear contact paper so we could keep them clean, and they just looked sad.

I was looking through my supplies, seeking something I could coat them with, when I found these Avery Fabric Transfers.

I had totally forgotten about these.  So I went to the local $1 store, in search of fabric place mats I could iron these onto. No luck. Then I tried Target. The place mats there were too rich for my thrifty blood, going for $2.99 per mat.  But I did come across a package of plain white cloth napkins with 12 for $9.99. That’s less than $1 per napkin. Doable. I figured these would be fun to use for the party, then Shannon could take them home and keep them.

Easily Entertained - Iron on Napkins

009 V. 1&2

So I printed out the designs on the paper transfers.

Easily Entertained - Iron on Napkins

Followed the directions, ironed, and Voila! I was pretty happy with the results. Not perfect, but acceptable.  My one suggestion, that I figured out on the 5th napkin, is to cut the transfer down a bit so that the sheer sheet that goes over it covers the edges completely. This keeps the edges of the design from getting messed up (see image 1 & 2).

Easily Entertained - Iron on Napkins

Total Cost for 10 napkins – $9.99 for napkins + $20.13 (2 packs of transfers) = $30.12

More Coffee Can Makeovers

   Easily Entertained - Coffee Can DIY

Nothing super crazy, but realized recently that these old cans, were perfect containers for my Q-tips and Cotton Balls!

But the Bustelo wrap didn’t really match my bathroom.  So I got out some paper from my paper drawer. I found these earthy toned ones that would go with all the baskets I have in there and picked up some clear contact paper.


Easily Entertained - Coffee Can DIY

We Are All Mad Here – Mad Libs & Place Settings

Easily Entertained - MadLib Placemats
“Oh, you can’t help that,’ said the cat. ‘We’re all mad here.”
Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland
So back to the Pinterest Shower invitations and their RSVPs.  My idea was to send out these RSVP cars where the attendees (and non-attendees) had to fill out a mad lib card on the back and send it back.  I used 4 different madlib recipes so that it wouldn’t get to monotonous.  I wasn’t totally sure what I wanted to do with the mad libs yet, but I knew I wanted to use them at the party.
Easily Entertained - Shannon shower rsvp front blog-01Easily Entertained - Shannon shower rsvp back
Here is one of the examples I one I got back:
Easily Entertained RSVP Pinterest MadLib
I started thinking it would be cool to incorporate into a place mat, so that everyone could grab a place mat and read their mad libs while they ate. I shared the idea with Taylor, and she said it would also work for a crafting place mat. I think that idea is even better.
Kitchen Paper Placemats - Kraft PaperI was inspired by these place mats from West Elm.    I thought I could type of the mad lib stories and print them out on craft paper and use those as place mats.  This became frustrating, the craft paper is difficult to print with – it is soft and flimsy.  Also my printer doesn’t print the right size for a place mat. I thought about getting some inexpensive plain cloth place mats and doing an iron on.  But before I went back to the store, I decided to look in my craft supply. And glad I did. It’s amazing the things I have that I forget about (yikes).  So I found this fun paper. Not the size and shape I had imagined, but large enough to make a place mat.
I typed up the different mad lib stories, using different fonts for different stories and also to distinguish the fill in words. One of the versions I gave a chalkboard effect.
I printed them on card stock, and used spray adhesive to attach them to the square sheets of decorative paper.
Easily Entertained - MadLib Placemats

The Crafty Can Can

As part of the Pinterest Themed Shower decorations I wanted to make use of the (very) may coffee cans I have lying around.

I drink Cafe Bustelo.

I often end up buying the can, and then for some (crafty) reason, throwing the empties in a cupboard. So when I was wandering around Pinterest looking for some DIY decoration ideas I cam across this this pin

Easily Entertained - burlap coffee can vase diyfrom Scarlet’s Table,  featuring a coffee can covered with printed burlap and used as a vase. Lovely.

I decided to try my hand at this. I tried stamping the burlap I bought at Michael s for $6.99 a roll, but to be honest it wasn’t working out too well, so decided to skip the print and just do a simple burlap. So I glue gunned the wrap to the can. Getting the top to look right was a little difficult as the edging couldn’t   lay even on the circular surface, but once filled it should look fine.  I thought it looked a little naked, so I added a bow from my ribbon collection and voila. I put some candles in them (although I would prefer flowers, just don’t have any on hand).

I since decided to keep them for myself – I have an even more pinteresting idea for the shower cans.

Inspired by this image,

colored coffee can vases diy

I envisioned that red can with a white P

on them.

What happened was – I thought I had red acrylic paint for this, but alas, I only had white, blue and yellow. My next idea was to spray paint, but I didn’t have red spray paint either. Since I am trying to pull this thing off on a budget, I decided against going to buy either of these items and decided to try and utilize my large supply of glitter glue, left over from a long ago Christmas card project.  It took many coats. I would suggest going for the spray paint, especially if you are going to do the glitter version, but I was determined.  5 coats later, I was satisfied with opacity.  I then decided to glue gun the P symbols free hand so they would pop once painted.  I then painted the P’s white with acrylic paint. I have to admit,  I wasn’t thrilled with the way this looked.  My next idea was to use a padded envelope and cut out some Ps and paste them over my sad little glue gun Ps.  This worked much better.  My only regret was using a black pen to trace, since it took several coats of white paint to cover up the bleed through. However, I think these will work well on the table at the party. Yay for coffee!

Final Product:

Easily Entertained - Pinterest Coffee Can Decor DIY

Activities You Can Eat and other DIY party snacks

wm.artpartycookies1So now I’m back to thinking about the upcoming Pinterest shower.  Taylor and I were supposed to get together for round II of the Pinata making, but we had some scheduling conflicts so hopefully we will be able to finish that project up soon. When we do, I will be posting.

As the RSVP’s are filtering in, and I began to get a sense of the number of guests, I started thinking about food. We are not doing a full dinner. Just fun Hors d’oeuvres  and desserts. We are trying to stay as close to the DIY theme as possible, so I have been looking for interactive snacks as well as fun party pickings.

I found these sugar cookies from The Decorated

wm.artpartycookies3 I just want to draw all over them!  This is a must have.  The same website also has another post all about drawing on food. Worth the read.  One of the marker types recommended were these which I found on for $14.49. I pinned these to our Shower pinboard, and Taylor was all over them too. I know they are going to impress.

Okay, so call me a dork, but when I came across these button cookies at One Charming Party, my heart started racing.  I love them.

Directions: Slice a store-bought log of sugar cookie dough into quarter-inch rounds. Place on parchment-lined cookie sheet, and bake according to package instructions. Remove from oven and let set for two minutes. Using an over-sized straw, cut two or four holes in the center of the cooling cookies. Continue to cool and serve.

However, my plan is to take this up a notch — I want to use Twizzlers Pull and Peel to thread them! Do you see it? I’m so souped about this – though fully aware this may not happen as I imagine it. But I will let you know how this experiment turns out.  One Charming Party also has free printable labels you can download, I will probably make my own though.

I’m still on the hunt for food that doubles as activities, here are some more cute options I found that might work.

These guys squeak for themselves.

Taylor found these brill apps.  Caprese Salad + pop = (WTF) YUM

I mean, we have to, right?

Perhaps I am Kebab obsessed these days….but I love the Strawberry Shortcake Kebabs below from Recipe By Photo

I mean they could totes be DIY…put your own kebabs together people.

Strawberry Shortcake Kabobs | Recipe By Photo And yes, it’s all in red, white and neutrals – our party colors!